EXCLUSIVE BEAUTY SOLUTIONS is the sole official distributor of the EB MED SOLUTION brand in South Africa and SADAC countries.

Transform your in-clinic treatments with EB Med Solutions’ professional range, designed to deliver stunning results with minimal downtime! 🌿✨
Our in-clinic range offers everything from gentle lunch-time peels to our powerful 69% acid hybrid, ensuring you can address a variety of skin concerns quickly and effectively. Whether you’re targeting acne, pigmentation, or signs of aging, our advanced formulations guarantee the fastest results with the least downtime.
Why Choose EB Med Solutions In-Clinic Range? 🔬
✨ Wide range of treatments, from gentle to intensive
✨ Formulated for rapid results with minimal recovery time
✨ Perfect for lunchtime treatments and advanced aesthetic procedures
✨ Trusted by professionals for effective and safe results
Elevate your clinic’s offerings and deliver unparalleled skin transformations with EB Med Solutions. Your clients will love the results! 🌟💧
“Dear Valued Clients, I am thrilled to introduce my new baby to you:
EB MED SOLUTIONS. Over the years, I have noticed a gap in the market for skincare
and body products that truly combine the best that science has to offer, using only
the finest medical-grade ingredients and concentrations.
This is a Medi-ceutical line, that ensures results and upholds the highest standards of
quality and efficacy.
The inspiration behind the launch of our new skincare line, is simply due to our shared
commitment to our clients, helping them achieve their best skin, through personalised
formulae that work, and advanced clinic treatments to expedite their progress.
This pushed me to search for the most effective Doctor Grade formulae for acne,
pigmentation, ageing, inflammation and gut formulae etc.

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    As the sole official distributor of the EB MED SOLUTIONS, EXCLUSIVE BEAUTY SOLUTIONS is committed to providing educational, technical and marketing support to all e EB MED SOLUTIONS stockists.

    Our committed team of highly qualified educators will ensure that your staff are trained and skilled in performing treatment protocols correctly.

    We will gladly exchange or refund any product that does not live up to our promise of quality. 

    Dalize Havenga